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The Power Plant

Posted: 4th April 2016

To build a jet bike you are going to need a jet engine and I’m planning on using one of the UK’s most powerful turbojets in it’s class, the NPT301. Built by Noel Penny Turbines the 301 was developed to power recoverable drone type un-manned aircraft and UAVs, it was also fitted to the rad looking prototype four seat CMC Leopard Jet, (pictured) in the late 1980’s


NPT Stated-

The NPT301 is an advanced simple cycle high reliability turbojet. The engine has a multiple mission role for use primarily in Remotely Piloted Vehicle (R.P.V.) applications and has the capability for both zero length, rocket-boosted ground launch and air launch.


… it is now set to launch the Goblin Works Garage Bike down the black stuff... If I can find one?!


Take a look at some of it’s specifications-


Power Output........................................300 LBs Thrust Static

RPM.....................................................40,500 rpm (100%), Idle 26,000 rpm

Starting.................................................Air Impingement

Ignition..................................................Tourch Ignitor with High Energy Exciter

Fuel System............................... ..........Electric Motor Driven Metering Pump and Scheduling Valves

Lubrication............................................Total Loss, Pulsed Electric Pump, Integral Oil Tank

Weight...................................................45 kg

Dimensions.............................................39.6" x 13.5" Inc Jet Pipe


Drop by at the end of the month to see how I get on hunting down an NPT301. Until then, #GetYourBuildOn ! #GoblinWorksGarage


Engine Work .1

Posted: 2nd August 2016
Engine Work

Mr Aid Bennett…. you are a God…. A jet Engine God!


Adrian Bennett of http://www.jetpower.co.uk has spent the last few months in his spare time tinkering away on the NPT301. He’s reassembled it’s electrical system that was previously removed and sorted out it’s wiring. What a job! Even Humbug, (the dog) is impressed.


The alternator has been re installed in the nose cone, the hope being that it will still work and it’s pulse per minute signal when in operation will be useable to give us an engine RPM, critical to stop us over working the engine resulting in catastrophic destruction. If it works we’ll also have a stand alone electrical system that won’t require an external recharger plugging into it.


Aid has also hopped all over the wiring making a real tidy job of it. Everything now terminates with one multi pin plug, this has made for a tidy wiring loom that is now easily removable. A proper pucker job!


Mean while I’ve been busy gathering the final parts needed to make her purr, (find out what they where next month). Ladies and Gentlemen, that can only mean one thing. She’s ready to run.


Copy and paste that link! 




Next time I talk about the last parts that where needed to make the NPT301 run. Until then jump on a jet engine and enjoy #GWG #GetYourBuildOn #GoblinWorksGarage

Donor Bike

Posted: 4th July 2016
Donor Bike


Choosing a donor bike for the build has bought my heart and technical mind crashing together but I think I’ve found a solution to satisfy both. Only time will tell? I’ve gone for a Ducati Monster M600. 


Ducati's space frame chassis have always rocked my world, engineered class and the underslung jet engine with the help of a sub frame will take the place of it’s 600cc lump which also acts as a structural member. Using the Ducati as a rolling chassis will of course throw up many technical challengers but that’s the joy… right? If you’ve got any thoughts on the bike you’d have used let me know at https://www.facebook.com/engineerextreme/  


I’ve been keeping my eye out on auction websites for a few months and eventually the bike pictured above came up reasonably locally. It’s clearly been someones play thing with a questionable cream and black paint job, but it’s running gear and front forks are in great looking condition. Due to it’s particular looks and lack of road legality I was able to scoop it up for a great price. Deal done, the bike was on the trailer and is now hanging out in the workshop.


Next job for it is a complete strip down which I hope will be one of my first YouTube Goblin Works Garage videos, keep your eyes peeled for that.


Pop a wheelie past in a couple of weeks time to see the first job carried out on the NPT301. Until then #GetYourBuildOn #GoblinWorksGarage

Engine Parts .1

Posted: 1st June 2016
Engine Parts .1

I've spent the past few weeks tracking down a couple of the parts needed to run the engine. Here's how I got on.


The NPT301’s throttle is electronically controlled, to allow me to operate this on the bike a suitable potentiometer and speed controller are required to deliver the required control outputs.


Whollop! Electric bikes have just the job, twist grip potentiometers. After some indepth internet research I was able to track down the high quality one pictured on the left that I managed to purchase for under £50.


It’s a Magura Twist Grip 5k Ohm designed and manufactured in West Germany. Just the job.


For a robust, trick speed controller I spoke to Kinsey Electronics Ltd in the UK, a very helpful organisation based in Swansea. 


Kinsey recommended their 2603 reversing PWM Motor Speed Controller which is designed for low voltage dc motors and is available for both 12 and 24 volt applications.


The parts pile is growing! However I still need a motorbike to house this all in. It needs to look badass, have suitable room, be suitable for modification and stick to a track like glue. A real head scratcher and a decision surely up for debate.


Hop, skip or just truck on by in a couple of weeks to see how the bike decision making and hunt gets on.  For tools sake #GetYourBuildOn #GoblinWorksGarage

Engine to Aid's

Posted: 10th May 2016
Delivery to Aid's

I would love to claim that I’m a jet engine legend, but that would be a bunch of balls, I do however know a man who is, Mr Aid Bennett of www.jetpower.co.uk we built a little jet boat together last year called Frank.


For the Goblin Woks Garage Bike to make sweet music he’s going to need to work his magic and I yet again will be his willing serve. I was invited to meet up with him in Norfolk where we spent the day doing some jet part picking in an old chicken shed filled to the rafters with rats and cold war fighter and bomber spares. A simple task of finding a part and identifying it amongst thousands. I came away with a pucker box of gauges, which will be required to run the bike. 


At the end of the day the engine was loaded up in Aid’d boot and it now resides in his workshop until we get her running but to do that I’m going to need to track down a few other parts.


Take a cruise past next month to see which parts I hunt out and I might even start to talk bikes. Until then, #GetYourBuildOn

The Engine Hunt

Posted: 25th April 2016
NPT301 Purchase

Jet engines kick mechanical ass and so do the people who get them making a noise. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to meet one of the UK’s jet crew network then I need say no more. Through this knowledgable mechanical underworld I was able to track down Andrew Plesko of www.jetmini.co.uk. He was rumoured to have a NPT301 but it wasn’t for sale. After some discussion however he agreed that he could let it go. A true gentleman.


Next stop his place and straight into his workshop where I was confronted by his old Jet Mini and the Viper out of his newer less intact car. Queue rabid dog style saliva. Tidy builds Andrew!


Onto the job in hand the NPT301, it was nowhere to be seen?


I was then invited into the house, presumably for a brew but there in all it’s floral glory a Noel Penny 301 in work frame with High Voltage Ignition Unit and Fuel Pumps. KAZZINGAAA!


Now, when you buy a jet engine, there are no guarantees. The next time it’s run might be it’s last. Andrew has run it and it’s rumoured to be a good one. The only advise I can give to anyone thinking of going out there and doing the same if you’re wanting reassurances is don’t do it! If however you’re looking to step out of the box and leave it in a cloud of smoke. Do it!


I am now the guardian of a Noel Penny 301. The Goblin Works Garage Bike is On! 


To find out what happens to the NPT301 next drive by here next month. Until then, #Get Your Build On! #GWG


Goblin Works Garage Bike, The Project....

Posted: 23rd March 2016
Goblin Bike Concept

The Goblin Works Garage Bike is a project born out of the need for speed, style and outrageous performance…… also it’s never been done before so what the hell! 


It’s time to strap on a jet engine and get serious. There has been jet thrust speed record bikes but the only resemblance they have to tarmac eating motorbikes is their two wheels. There has been more standard looking jet powered motorbikes but they use a jet apu (auxiliary power unit) to power an electric motor setup or turbo shaft engines modified to operate the bikes drivetrain.  


The Goblin Works Garage Bike is set to combine a Sports Bike with a Jet thrust power plant. Hold on to your hat’s and check in for monthly installments to see it come to life. It's going be one hell of a ride.

Welcome to Goblin Works Garage

Posted: 16th March 2016

After many years building Extreme Machines for the old and the bold, I finally thought it was time to let you all have a look at what goes on behind my workshops closed doors. Ladies and Gentlemen.... Welcome to Goblin Works Garage.


In this Blog you will be able to keep tabs on my latest creations, tred amongst my mechanical mine field and see for yourself as these machines breath their first breaths of life.